About Us

Our company started to operate in the field of wholesale paper and scrap (waste) paper in Cagaloglu in the founder of Huseyin Yildiz in 1962. After that in 1990, it continue its commercial activities as Yildiz Kagit L.L.C. and it became an important company in its sector. For many years we have been importing and exporting cardboard group and we are selling wholesale and retail products of cover materials.

Ilhami Yildiz who director of Yildiz Kagit L.L.C. has continued his mission for 20 years. With the decision of the Board of Directors of the Year 2014, Ilhami Yildiz decided to establish a new company. Selvo Kagit L.L.C. which was esablish by Ilhami Yildiz has continue its commercial actitivies in Topkapi 2. Matbaacilar Site.

  • Mission and Vision

With the experience earned by the years, we follow every area of the printing materials sector. We offer satisfaction-oriented products and services using the benefits of advanced technology to supply the necessary consumable materials for our customers to be productive and successful in their business.

To be a company that creates value for our employees and customers as the first choice of customers with our business varieties, solutions, reliability and high business ethics that we provide after service.

To maximize customer satisfaction by providing high standard, quality service.

  • Brand Registration Documents